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For Families

Fact Sheets

We provide answers to frequently asked questions related to the treatment benefits from osteopathy for various health issues to support and improve children's health. Find our fact sheets by clicking on the heading above.

Community Outreach

We partner with local schools, organizations, and healthcare providers to raise awareness about the benefits of osteopathic care for children. Contact us by clicking on the heading above if you are interested in partnering.

Events & Workshops

Find information about upcoming events, workshops, or webinars designed to educate parents and caregivers about pediatric osteopathy by clicking on the heading above.


Check back soon for patient stories and case studies showcasing the impact of osteopathic treatments on children with various health issues.

For Providers

The Osteopathic Center for Children, alongside the Osteopathy’s Promise to Children provides a range of resources, support, continuing medical education, research opportunities, and networking for health care providers.

Resources for families

We provide answers to frequently asked questions related to osteopathic treatment, common conditions, and general healthcare inquiries for the provider.

Professional Development

Find our resources for continuous professional development and advanced training opportunities.

International Programs

We collaborate with healthcare providers and organizations worldwide to share knowledge, expertise, and resources in pediatric osteopathy. Contact us if you’re interested in partnering.

Pediatric Osteopathic Evidence

Research papers, articles, and studies that delve into osteopathic medicine, particularly in pediatric care making a positive impact on children’s health globally.

Pediatric Osteopathy Practice

Osteopathic considerations for a variety of common pediatric complaints.


Information about conferences, workshops, and events where healthcare providers can network with peers and experts in the field of pediatric osteopathy.

Pediatric Working Group

A collaborative group designed for scholarly activity around pediatric osteopathy. Anticipate launching in late 2023. For more information, contact us.


Please refer your patients to our website and ask them to complete the inquiry form found on the bottom of the page.

American Academy of Pediatric Osteopathy (AAPO)

The AAPO is a component society of the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO), and a home for all physicians utilizing OMT on pediatric patients. Learn more here.

Blogs & News

Quarterly updates, blogs, and news about osteopathy, its advancements, and how it’s making a difference in children’s healthcare.

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