Explore research, education opportunities, and patient assistance at the Osteopathic Center for Children, where physician leaders, CME faculty, and research investigators work together to improve and advance osteopathic patient care.

Research Initiatives

Our dedicated team of research investigators conducts cutting-edge studies in pediatric osteopathy. We explore innovative approaches to enhance the understanding of osteopathic principles and their application in pediatric care. Through our research initiatives, we aim to continuously improve the quality of care provided to children.

Education and Training

OCC offers comprehensive educational programs for healthcare professionals in osteopathy. Our educational offerings include Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses, workshops, and seminars that cover a wide range of topics related to pediatric osteopathy. We are committed to equipping healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional care to pediatric patients. You can register for any of the Osteopathic Center for Children inspired courses here.

Clinical Services

Physicians at the Osteopathic Center San Diego provide a wide array of clinical services in the field of adult and pediatric osteopathy. Our physician leaders, backed by years of experience and expertise, offer personalized care to children and families of all ages. We focus on holistic assessments and treatments.

community outreach

Community Outreach

OCC is deeply committed to the communities we serve. We engage in community outreach programs, partnering with local schools, organizations, and healthcare providers to raise awareness about the benefits of osteopathic care for children. Through these initiatives, we strive to promote overall health and well-being in our communities. Please find resources below.

Collaborative Research

We actively collaborate with other healthcare institutions and organizations to conduct collaborative research projects. By working together with like-minded partners, we aim to accelerate progress in pediatric osteopathy and make a positive impact on children’s health globally.

International Programs

International Programs

OCC extends its mission beyond borders by participating in international programs. We collaborate with healthcare providers and organizations worldwide to share knowledge, expertise, and resources in pediatric osteopathy. These international efforts contribute to the global advancement of osteopathic patient care.

A Healthier Future for All Children

At the Osteopathic Center for Children, we believe that through our research, education, patient assistance, treatment at Osteopathic Center San Diego, community outreach, collaborative research projects, and international programs, we can truly make a difference in the lives of children and their families, upholding the values and principles that guide our organization’s mission and vision.