about the osteopathic center for children

Celebrating 20 years!

Founded as a nonprofit by Viola M. Frymann in 2003 to perform research, provide education and training, and osteopathic treatment including pediatric osteopathy. The Osteopathic Center for Children has a 20 year partnership with Osteoapthy’s Promise to Children for administration and philanthropy support.

Board of Directors

Osteopathic Center for Children (OCC) is an all osteopathic physician board focused on traditional osteopathy and the legacy of Dr. Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO, FCA.

Osteopathic center for children board of directors

Our Mission

The Osteopathic Center for Children (OCC) is dedicated to preserving and advancing the principles of traditional osteopathy and carrying forward the profound legacy of Dr. Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO, FCA. Our mission is to perform research, provide education and training, and support physicians providing osteopathic treatment to children and families in the specialized field of pediatric osteopathy. We are committed to enhancing the well-being of children through holistic, patient-centered care and promoting osteopathic principles in pediatric medicine.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the foremost center of excellence in pediatric osteopathy, setting the standard for compassionate, evidence-based care that honors the individuality of each child. We aspire to create a world where children receive the most comprehensive, integrative, and effective osteopathic healthcare possible. Through our research, education, and clinical practice, we aim to continuously expand the frontiers of pediatric osteopathy, making a lasting impact on the health and future of children worldwide.

Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

We are unwavering in our support of excellence in pediatric osteopathy. We strive for the highest standards in research, and education to ensure the well-being of every child we serve.

Respect for Tradition

We honor the rich tradition of osteopathy, guided by the principles established by Dr. Viola M. Frymann. We are dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of our founder.

Innovation and Research

We are at the forefront of pediatric osteopathic research, continuously seeking new knowledge and techniques to advance the field and improve children's health.

Education and Training

We are committed to sharing our expertise and knowledge with healthcare professionals, students, and the community. We believe in empowering others to provide quality osteopathic care to children.


We foster collaboration among healthcare providers, researchers, and the community to create a collective impact on pediatric healthcare. We believe in working together to achieve our mission.

Role of Osteopathy's Promise to Children (OPC)

Osteopathy’s Promise to Children serves a vital role as the fiscal management entity for the Osteopathic Center for Children (OCC). OPC ensures the responsible stewardship of financial resources, enabling OCC to fulfill its mission effectively. Additionally, OPC plays a crucial role in philanthropic efforts, raising funds to support research, education, and clinical operations. The administration function of OPC ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of OCC, allowing its healthcare professionals to focus on providing exceptional care and advancing the field of pediatric osteopathy. Together, OPC and OCC work in synergy to create a brighter and healthier future for children through the principles of osteopathy.