Our History

For more than two decades, Osteopathy’s Promise to Children (OPC), has been characterized by innovation and first-in-kind osteopathic research and care, through the visionary work of Dr. Frymann. Our legacy runs deep, and we have spent the last few years drawing upon years of work at the frontier of osteopathic medicine to re-position our efforts to emerge as not just as a front-runner, but a catalyst, an intra-institutional connector in the field of osteopathic medicine here and abroad.

While OPC is not an organization of medical providers and does not provide medical treatment, OPC accomplishes its mission through the ownership and maintenance of a first-rate facility, the Osteopathic Center San Diego, as well as monetary, organizational, and administration of osteopathic education, research, and clinical experience programs. OPC activities focus on the field of osteopathy as it relates to children and the internationally recognized and renowned techniques of Viola M. Frymann, DO.