Continuing the Legacy, Advancing the Dream

In an article written by Viola Frymann, DO and published in The Journal of OPSC in 1981, titled “Looking to the future — plan for the Osteopathic Center for Children,” Dr. Frymann detailed her overarching vision of a central site from which she could direct her future osteopathic activity and that would be a sister organization to her signature pediatric clinic, Osteopathic Center for Children (OCC). From this vision, Osteopathy’s Promise to Children (OPC) – and its mandates – were borne.

San Diego’s leading provider of osteopathic education, clinical training and research, OPC is a charitable, nonprofit organization, established in 1992, to provide facilities for and offer funding toward patient assistance, continuing medical education in the field of osteopathy, clinical training and experience, and ongoing osteopathic research interests, specifically in the evaluation and treatment of newborns, special needs children, and the nature of cranial bone motion. Additionally, OPC provides legal, financial and administrative support to all these activities.

Along with Dr. Frymann, we invite you into The Promise of her vision. Your generous financial support helps to fund the following aspects of Dr. Frymann’s mission:

Patient Assistance

Through generous donors, you can help to provide osteopathic treatment for the many underserved, chronically ill children on the waiting list at Osteopathic Center for Children.


Your donation helps to support aspiring osteopathic students with opportunities to participate in continuing education programs offered by OPC.

Osteopathic Research

Advance the impact of Dr. Frymann’s work and its critical role in improving children’s health through osteopathic medicine by providing osteopathic education, clinical training and research for physicians practicing osteopathic manual medicine in order to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness and injury.


Osteopathic Center San Diego (OCSD) is home to a network of osteopathic healthcare, education, research and clinical training providers. The new facility represents remarkable growth for Dr. Frymann’s vision as we celebrate this wonderful achievement in our 23+ years of pioneering history.Help us continue to unite osteopathic efforts throughout San Diego and beyond in order to enhance the quality and reach of osteopathic care and services.